Monday, July 23, 2012

The plan

I put out the hint recently that I had an idea for a new venture. It may be some time before I figure out what I'm doing or how to do it, but since several people have asked, here's the gist:

Cleverness and wit haven't gotten me far in this world, but like Obi-Wan Kanobe, they're my only hope. There's a need for it out there; all those websites, newsletters, blogs, tweets and such have to say something, and if they're not clever, or witty, or at least interesting... click. I realize this is not a new concept. There are gobs of copywriting businesses, companies and individuals who make a living writing for other people who don't have time or skill to write for themselves, writers more clever and witty than I. Whether you pen novels or ad copy, it's likely been done before. So why bother? Every writer comes to her craft with a unique perspective on the world, telling stories only she can tell, in a way only she can tell them. There may be a cornucopia of copywriters and essayists and memoirists and fiction writers out there, selling their "wares" as it were, hocking words by the penny, but they're not you, and they're not me. So, that's my plan-- Have keyboard, will travel. Bartleby's Copywriting Services, coming soon. Unless somebody makes me a better offer or I hit the Lotto.

On an aside, if you haven't told those around you love them lately, you really should get on that. Say it straight out. Hug them. Kiss them. Gush if you have to. The Columbine Memorial Garden at IOOF Park in Gunnison is in full bloom, as flags fly half-mast in honor of the fallen in Aurora. In this world, you can go to school or to the movies on any random, regular day and end up dead at the hands of a madman and his arsenal.  So hold on tight, cherish those close to you, do what you can to make every moment count with each of them.

Peace and love. It's really that simple.