Friday, April 01, 2011

Here comes the sun

"Little darlin', it seems like years since it's been clear..." George Harrison

After eleven -- count 'em, cause I do -- yes, eleven days of all-day rain with intermittent downpours and deluges, yesterday was glorious. Now, you might think that one good thing about a string of foul-weather days is that a person would appreciate the sunshine even more when it finally breaks through to lighten a dismal world. But I'll marvel at a sunny Thursday even if Wednesday was also fabulous. Maybe that has something to do with growing up in the great, if gray and drizzly Pacific Northwest. But it's a bona fide, documented, irrefutable fact that I would never take a sunny day for granted, even if it were sunny every friggin' day of the year. I wouldn't. Really. No way.

Hoppsy wasn't feeling her best, so we hobbled to the yard to sit under the kukui nut tree, she in the grass, me in my shaky, rusty lawn chair. The kitties all gathered 'round. I didn't get much reading done for all the petting that was demanded of me.

In the afternoon, I took a short hike at the park. The tradewind breeze was stiff enough to prompt a snugging of the Velcro on my cap, which blew off anyway when I turned to make my descent from The Jaggar Museum to the KMC. The Halemaumau Crater vent seems to be generating less gas these days, but the crater rim trail and road are still closed for the plume that crosses it on the other side from the museum. I love the crater rim hike, even that short stretch of it, for the diversity of plants along its edge and the drama of an active, volcanic crater on one side, the snoozing behemoth Mauna Loa on the other. Ohelo with ripe berries, o'hia lehua in bloom with shades of silver and lavender on some of the leaves, full, sickle-leafed koa trees (not like the ragged, nearly naked ones in my yard). And here's the best part. This is why I love that Americans are so lazy. Only occasionally did I encounter someone else on what I've come to consider my trail. There's a viewpoint parking area along the way, where people get out of there cars and walk to the overlook. They cross the path to the crater's edge, snap a few photos, then stroll back to their cars and drive on to the next pull-out. The museum overlook itself is always bustling, too. But not many people actually take the time to walk.

My quest today is to get Hoppsy to eat. She's alert this morning (and Lord knows, the world needs more lerts), chipper even, and she ate a bit of breakfast. I've got an order in at the vet to renew her appetite stimulant/happy pills prescription today. Hope that helps.

It's time for oatmeal (with raisins), then to do a little fresh, new writing. Today's not so brilliant as yesterday, but not so nasty as the day before. Onward.
A hui hou. Aloha!