Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just some stuffs

Ron expressed concern today for our dog, Doc's sexual orientation.
"You mean, you think he's gay?" I said. "I've known that forever. A mother knows these things."
"It's just that he spends so much time with Charlie."
"So, you're not concerned that he's gay, but that he's trans-species?"
"Yeah! That's it," he said.
"And why does that bother you?" I said.
"It doesn't really. It's just a concern."
I told him not to worry, the dogs of a feather will always flock together...
And so went our conversation. Meanwhile, as I type this, Doc and Charlie are sharing some quality time together under the carport.

Winter Olympics!!!! Love 'em.

I've spent the past two days sending manuscripts to literary journals. I've been advised that the best way to approach the publishing challenge is to blanket the market. My blanket is a thin one, riddled with holes, more of a net really, a net with a super-loose weave. It would let whales and semi-trucks pass through. I've sent to The New Yorker (only because doing so is free, so what the heck) and of course Bob's Low-Falutin' Jernel. I have high hopes and low expectations that I'll get published somewhere. Look for me in Bob's.

These photos are from a hike I took with my friend Kathy last week, just north of Hilo along the Hamakua Coast. It wasn't a traditional hike with a clearly marked trail, but more of a scramble, followed by a stroll. First, we meandered along the rocky pali, then crossed a wide, grassy field to meander through a lovely neighborhood of large-acre estates. We finished our day with lunch at What's Shakin' on the Onomea Bay Scenic Loop.

The rain has returned. On the bright side, the vog is now blown away by tradewinds, so we're breathing easier.

A hui hou! Aloha!