Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Early bird

Now, if you are the type of person who could just abandon three faces like this, please log off of my blog. How can you not love them? These three are such a joy.  They cheer me up when I'm feelin' low, you know?

We will enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner a day early for two reasons.  One is because I will be working tomorrow.  The second is so that Crawford can enjoy turkey for a few days.  She's struggling.  Not in pain, but beginning to show signs of additional complications.  She's almost completely incontinent, and while she can't really hold stuff in anymore, she has trouble pushing it out, too.  She has had two seizures this week and is beginning to stumble just occasionally with her front legs.  Her back legs are long gone.  I can tell she's frustrated.  She's telling me she's ready.  Actually, she's been telling me for some time, but I have selfishly wanted to keep her here with me.  She's my girl.  So we've arbitrarily chosen Saturday for her to leave us, to go hang out with grandpa (my dad), to keep him company until I get there.  He loved all his furry grand kids, but Crawford was his favorite.  Over the next few days, she gets turkey, ice cream... I'll probably share some pumkin pie with her tonight.  Yes, with whipped cream. The past few days she's been treated to steak, salmon, mahi mahi (fish is her favorite) hamburger and all manner of crackers and cookies.  Treats do make her happy.  Her face lights up and she snaps the goodies our of your hand like a shark clamping onto a chubby diver.  

So, I gotta go mash some taters.  Friday's suppose to be my last day at work, yet I've already been asked to work three days in December.  Still, the plan, beginning next week, is to settle into a writer's routine.  The mornings will be devoted to dog walks and word-smithing.  I'll take a break to work out somehow - some days the gym, others the pool - then back to the keyboard.  Lose 20 lbs and write the great American short story (or two).  How hard could that be?

Hope you all have a delicious, festive, gut-busting Thanksgiving, filled with laughter and hugs from loved ones.

A hui hou.  Aloha!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Drama, trauma and I'm the kitties mama

High drama at the winery.  I ran into a coworker today who told me the other tasting room employee placed on temporary layoff (besides me) was given the permanent heave ho over the weekend.  She wasn't taking the layoff well and despite numerous attempts to convince her it was temporary and in no way a reflection on her performance, she freaked.  Initially, she seemed to understand the circumstances.  As time went on, her discontent erupted into loud and inappropriate comments  - sometimes in front of customers - taking her frustration out on a fellow employee, a manager, the world.  Wow.  She's young and I suspect she's never been through tough times before.  Personally, my layoff was not the least bit unsettling since I volunteered.  Others need the work.  I don't.  I've got writing and other stuff to do and will not starve or miss a mortgage payment if I don't work for a couple of months.  Lucky me.

I had lunch Saturday with two good friends from California on Saturday.  Andy and Flora were on island and on vacation, so I met them in Waimea for a lovely chat over some so-so barbecue.  The coleslaw was good, but it was the company that made my day.  

My beloved Crawford has taken a turn for the worse this past couple of weeks.  She suffered two seizures last week.  That's tough to watch.  Fine since then, but she often looks sad to me, defeated.  So we've started giving her extra treats. Tonight, scrambled eggs and grated cheese mixed in with her kibble.  Hamburger, steak, chicken, fish.  She loves fish.  So Saturday night she gobbled several chunks of Alaskan cod.  The next few weeks, she'll get lots of extras.  We're watching her closely.  Selfishly, I'd like to keep her around forever.  She's my girl.  But her quality of life is more important than my wish to snuggle with her every day.  Yesterday, we enjoyed a couple of hours out in the grass, sniffing whatever blew our way via fresh trade winds.  That perked her up a bit.

Meanwhile, the babies are ever entertaining and growing fast.  I wish I could keep them small forever.  I know every parent says that....

A hui hou.  Aloha.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fur-balls rule, humans drool

Harley Davidson Todd-Niederpruem (front), his brother Pip (Squeak-middle) and sister Winnie (back) all love their canine big sister Hopps.  Hoppsy loves them too. They look a little like her.  I think she thinks they're puppies.  She's a good mommy.

Ah, but they grow up so fast. (Sniff)

Missed my ukulele lesson tonight because I had to pick Ron up at the airport, coming from an abandoned root canal in Honolulu.  Turned out he didn't need one.  That's the good news. The bad is that he sprained his toe a few days ago, so had to hobble around, negotiating airports, hotel, etc.  Hopps has this bad habit of getting up as you try to step over her. That's how he injured it.  Last night and today I think he just drank beer and hung out in his room or the pool.  Of course, I'm the nimrod who scheduled his flight and could have had him back soon enough for me to make the lesson, but I forgot about it when confirming.  I'll just have to practice extra to catch up.  It is the intermediate class, so no slacking.

Last night, Doc slept in the bed with me.  Mr. Sox too, of course.  So I wasn't cold.  Not that I would be here.  I miss snuggling under a thick down comforter on a cold night.  Sounds weird, huh?  I suppose a few days of that would have me cured of that nostalgia.  Six months of that might wear thin.  

My doctor doubled the dosage of my asthma meds and already I'm breathing easier.  It's amazing what a little oxygen can do to lift the spirits, ya know?

A hui hou.  Aloha! 


Friday, November 07, 2008

General goofiness

I was driving home from an abbreviated shift at work last night when I turned on the radio and heard Bob Dylan singing Everybody Must Get Stoned.  I was reminded of a placard I once saw at a Dairy Queen in Colorado that read, Everybody Must Get Coned.  So it occurred to me, there navigating through the misty darkness, that with a slight modification, this could be a great slogan for a number if different businesses.  Here's my list.

Telecommunications company: Everybody must get phoned.

Cutlery shop and knife sharpening services: Everybody must get honed.

Credit Union: Everybody must get loaned.

Brothel: Everybody must get moaned.

Winery: Everybody must get Rhoned.

Fitness Center: Everybody must get toned.

Local planning commission: Everybody must get zoned.

Bio-research company: Everybody must get cloned.

Doggy daycare: Everybody must get boned.

Manufacturer of modern, unmanned spy planes: Everybody must get droned.

Reader of corny mottoes and slogans listed on a cheesy blog (that would be you): Everybody must get groaned.

I've been lead to believe that there will be cutbacks in hours and shifts at the winery.  That's a bummer for most employees but works fine for me right now.  So I've volunteered to work less or to take a few months off completely so that someone who really needs the job to pay the bills can keep it.  No official word yet, but the hints are strong.

It's warm and a little humid but better than it's been the past few days because the trades are back to make us all feel a little more comfy.

I left the back door open between the lanai and the house and the babies have decided to go an an indoor expedition.  I think their checking out every nook and cranny.  That's OK.  I know they're pretty safe in their.  Hopps is keeping close tabs on them.

A hui hou.  Aloha!


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Growing and mowing

Don't name them.  Don't name them.  Don't name them..... Well, I'd bet that Harley, Winnie and Pip have nearly double in size since they arrived here at what is most likely their new home.  The big cats still aren't thrilled about them being here, but their becoming more patient with every encounter.  Of course, the tikes are still kept in their playpen when not being supervised by me.  They get braver by the day.  By the minute, really.  In fact, they are fearless.  I admire that in them.  They just go for the glory.  I would love to keep them all indoors, but my house is just too small for that.  With the exception of other cats occasionally wandering through the yard, it's pretty safe outside here.  The dogs help keep that foreigners to a minimum too, since they know the difference between their kitties and an alien visitor and bark enough the scare the pants off of any intruders.  My big cats never go to the road (except Mr. Sox) so no cars.  There are no predators like coyotes or eagles or lions or tigers or bears to snap them up.  Right now, though, the rats are bigger than they are, so we'll keep them close.

Ukulele lessons will resume a week from Tuesday.  The Volcano Arts Center is finally offering an intermediate class.  Yay!  So, I'd better dust off the old Oscar Schmidt and start plunkin'.
Aloha, oe, you stink like poi... 

Today, we will mow the rest of the back 40.  OK, the rest of the back four.  Or two.  It's plenty for me.  If I ever own more acreage than this, it will be of the wild variety, to be looked at and admired, not maintained.  It's been about a month, so we're a little overgrown.  Oh, those of you lamenting winter, remember, it's a nice break from lawn maintenance.  

Last Friday the owner of the winery was on island and called a mandatory managers' meeting.  I was hoping to hear the implementation of some fantastical changes, some creative cost cutting measures or some kind of over-the-top promotion to rev things up.  Well, we do have promotion in play, but it's not exciting and no drama came out of the meeting.  Shoots.  All the drama happens when he's gone.  I was ready for a shake up, you know? Instead, it's just the same old same old.

Our tasting room manager dressed up as a sort of demonic sugar plum ferry for Halloween.  It was pretty cute.  She even had wings.  I was a paniolo, or Hawaiian cowboy, so my costume was an aloha shirt and a cowboy hat.  Pretty inventive, huh?

Time to take the Doctor Dog and Hoppsy Dahli Lama Doodlerama for a walk.  

A hui hou.  Aloha!